Improving In-Store Advertising

Make Your Indoor And Outdoor Exits Easier To Find At Night

If you're experiencing a high number of incidents inside and outside your building at night, make your indoor and outdoor exits easier to find. Exits should be visible and clear enough to direct people out of buildings, parking lots, and other places. Customers and visitors who can't see or find your exits may become confused or aggravated with your company. Make your indoor and outdoor exits easier to see and find with the information below.

Enlarge Your Exit Signs

If you're currently using small exit signs to direct foot or vehicular traffic, increase the sizes of your signs now. Although small signs can be cost-effective ways to save money in your business, the signs may not be large enough for some people to see. People who have vision impairments or poor eyesight may not notice the signs until it's too late.

Also, position your signs above the exit routes in your building and parking lots. Customers may notice the signs more if the structures sit within view. In addition to size and placement, you want to use signs that light up at night. 

Brighten Your Exit Signs

Your parking lot or building tends to be very dark at night, customers may not notice the exit signs right away. In this case, you want to use signs that automatically show up in dark spaces. You can use photoluminescent exit signs.

Photoluminescent exit signs don't rely on electrical power to light up. Instead, the signs absorb sunlight or artificial light during the day. The signs will only come on at night or when the area becomes dark enough for them to come on. 

You want to choose signs that come with specific features, such as photoluminescent images of people walking down a set of stairs or vehicles exiting a parking lot. The images can help eliminate any confusion your customers may have when it comes to exiting or navigating your building and parking lots.

Also, consider using signs that come with large photoluminescent font, arrows, and other unique features. If you can't choose the best features for your signs, ask a sign supply company to assist you. A company may be able to custom-make and design the signs you need for your building, parking lots, and other exits. 

If you want to reduce the incidents inside and outside your building, contact a supply company for the photoluminescent exit signs you need today.

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Improving In-Store Advertising

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