Improving In-Store Advertising

Own A New Small Business And Need Customers? 2 Marketing Ideas You Can Use

If you own a new small business, marketing is essential to help make it and keep it successful. Marketing in the right way can bring customers straight to your door. If you are having problems with your marketing, below are two ideas that you can use for your business.


Using signs can catch the attention of people. There are different types of signs you can use including:

Lighted Outdoor Sign

Lighted outdoor signs often have a scrolling message that grabs the attention of people. You can put a scrolling message of a sale you have going on, or anything else you want to tell your customers.


Banners are popular with many small business owners because they are inexpensive, as well as effective and easy to use. You can find banners in all sizes and shapes. They can be hung on the side of your building, inside on doors and windows, or hung outside on an awning.

You can find them in a variety of materials. Vinyl is common, as it can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it is durable so it can hold up well to the elements.

Mesh is another type of material used, which is crisscrossed polyester fibers that allows wind to blow through the materials. They work great if you live in a windy area. If you do not want to hang up the banner, you can put them on a stand. There are many different types of stands you can choose from.

Building Signs

Building signs are often lighted so they catch the attention of motorists in the area, and people walking by your business. You should put only a brief message on the sign so people have time to read it as they walk or drive by. Putting something like the times your business is open, or advertising a sale you may have going on work well.

Transit Signs

Transit signs can be placed on bus benches, or they can be advertisements wrapped around a bus. You may also see transit signs on covered shelters where people wait for their bus.

Buy One Get One Free

If your business sells products, having a buy one, get one free (BOGO) sale is a great marketing tool that you can use. This works great for small businesses that are on a budget, as you only have to put a sign outside your door as well as display the sale in some way inside. BOGOs is the same as have a 50% sale. Customers are more likely to buy because they think they are actually getting one of their items free, but they are really only getting a discount on the items they are purchasing.

If you market your business in one or more of these ways, you should see an increase of your customers and sales. For more information, contact a company like Genesis Signs.

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Improving In-Store Advertising

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