Improving In-Store Advertising

How To Craft A Custom Sign To Get More Sales

Whether you are putting it in front of your retail store or hanging it up at your trade show booth, a custom sign is a great business tool. You can get your product's name and company name in front of more of your target market and enjoy more customer exposure. Additionally, you will get a lot of feedback if your sign leads customers to talk about it after they see it. This lets you build rapport with your customers and build a connection with your brand. However, you want your sign to do justice in representing your business, so be sure to follow these tips:


Treat your custom sign like the headquarters for advertising your brand. It needs to accurately portray what your business does. This means the color should match your slogans, logos, website art, and the physical building (if you sell in a physical store). Aside from that, go with bold and simple colors when possible in order to stand out from the competition.


If you hire employees to hold or twirl your signs in public intersections, in front of your business, or at a trade show, keep in mind that your representative is crucial. A rep can chat with your clients, provide product demos, answer live questions, and promote the positive qualities of your company or product. They can even act as lead generators, capturing customer contact information. Therefore, make sure to hire smart. Choose representatives who are truly excited to talk about your brand, and you will get even more mileage out of your custom sign.

Demos and Product Samples

Your sign doesn't just have to say the name of your company or product. You can also purchase custom signs for a variety of events and giveaways. Pair your custom sign with a special promo, such as providing a product sample or demoing your product live in front of customers. People always love to see something in action before they buy it. The small additional cost of paying an employee to run the demos and the cost of giving away some products is minimal compared to the potential return on your investment. A custom sign can draw your customers in and get their attention in the first place to help you close more sales.

A sign isn't just a piece of plastic, wood, or metal. It represents a blank space of opportunity. Use your creativity to create your custom sign with your business' end goal in mind, and watch the results improve.

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Improving In-Store Advertising

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