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Signage Ideas To Make Your Office An LGBTQ Safe Space

If one of your priorities is to ensure that your office feels like a safe space for members of the LGBTQ community, there are several ways that you can accomplish this goal. Educating your staff to ensure that their words and actions are always inclusive is critically important, but you should also think about what visual indicators you can offer to tell people that your office is a safe space. Put together a list of ideas for custom signage, and then partner with a local sign company that can produce various types of indoor signage that you can hang throughout your office. Here are three signage ideas to consider.


It's common for offices to have a sign that welcomes visitors into their space, but you may want to consider a welcome sign that specifically shares a message of greeting with members of the LGBTQ community. There are all sorts of slogans that you can feature on this sign, including phrases such as "All Are Welcome Here" and "This Is A Safe Space." The addition of a number of colors that appear in the rainbow flag and transgender flag can further help to provide a welcoming feel, and adding your company's name and logo will give your sign a custom touch.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

While you can buy a generic sign that identifies certain bathrooms in your office as gender-neutral, ordering some custom signs that convey this message allows you to choose exactly how each of these signs will look. If there are areas of your office in which you only have traditional male/female bathrooms, it can also be worthwhile to order a directional sign that you can hang in this area that points people toward a gender-neutral bathroom that might be around a corner or farther down the hall. This simple piece of signage, which you can design to include appropriate wording, an arrow, and bright colors, will help people to feel welcome.

Reach Out For Help

You want everyone who spends time in your office to feel welcome, but if there's an incident where someone doesn't feel welcome, you want them to feel empowered to speak to someone for help. Another good sign idea is to design a sign that encourages employees and visitors alike to reach out for assistance. This sign can have a paragraph of text that explains your commitment to making the office a safe space for members of the LGBTQ community and provides a phone number or office number that people can call or visit if they encounter issues. You can order a few of these signs and place them in different common areas. For more information, contact a company like Sign-Frame.

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