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Types Of Car Wrap Materials

Car wrapping is essential to give your car a new attractive look. Also, car wraps can protect your car's body against scratches and damage by weather elements. Further, you can install vehicle wraps on vehicles as a marketing strategy. Given these benefits, you need to install the ideal car wrap. Ideally, vinyl car wraps are common, but the market offers other options. Take a look at more vehicle wrapping materials to consider.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is an excellent vehicle wrap material since the material is sturdy, durable, and lightweight. Manufacturers make carbon car wraps by weaving carbon strands and then adding resin or epoxy to solidify the material. Carbon fiber wrapping provides you with flexibility as the wraps come in different colors, designs, and shapes that suit every car. Also, the wrapping is easy to clean.


Satin car wraps provide a glossy look, but there's a minimal light reflection on the surface. Satin wrapping is an ideal choice if you're looking for a professional look, making it a favorite for advertising agencies. Additionally, the wrapping offers a variety of sleek designs that you can choose.

Glossy Wrap

Glossy car wraps look like your original car body paint, but the wraps have a smoother finishing. Hence, glossy car wrapping can improve your car's aesthetics and style. Also, glossy wrapping comes in various colors, and metallic flake options are available to achieve that sparkling effect on your vehicle.


Matte car wraps provide your car with a trendy look but aren't as shiny as glossy car wrapping. The wraps provide a matte finish that's better in accentuating contours and car body curves that aren't noticeable when your vehicle has shiny finishing. Also, lights don't reflect on matte wrap surfaces. Instead, the matte absorbs light, which helps effectively hide imperfections and scratches on the vehicle body. Overall, matter wraps achieve a classic and unique look for your car.


Chrome car wraps provide your car with a stylish look and shiny finish. The wrapping has lamination and effectively protects your vehicle against chipping and scratching. Additionally, chrome wrapping can last for years with proper maintenance. Most importantly, chrome wraps reflect sunlight and can significantly lower your car's temperature. Nonetheless, chrome wrap requires professional installation, as chrome doesn't stretch easily and is longer and heavier than other vehicle wraps.

The common car wraps are carbon fiber, satin, chrome, matte and glossy wrapping. Consider these materials in your next vehicle wrap installation project.

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