Improving In-Store Advertising

5 Benefits Of Channel Letter Signs

When looking at storefront signage for your business, you want something that stands out while providing good value. Channel letter signs are quickly becoming one of the most popular options, and the following illustrates why.

1. Visibility

If high visibility is your goal, then channel letter signs are the answer. These signs are typically lit up with LED or neon lighting technology. The lights can be lit from within, with the glow coming through the translucent faceplates, or they can be backlit for a more dramatic appearance. Further, the color and the intensity of the lighting can be chosen for maximum impact.

2. Cost-Effective

Channel letters are one of the more cost-effective options for a personalized sign. Not only is the construction of the sign gentle on the budget, but the long-term costs are also lower. Channel letters are made to be repairable, so it is rare for a full replacement to ever be necessary. Further, if a light is damaged, only a single letter needs repairing as opposed to the entire sign.

3. Timeless

Unlike other types of signs that can become dated and vintage-looking over time, channel letters have a timeless quality. The signs themselves age well, and the light source within can be updated to match changing technology so that they never look dated or draw more energy than necessary. Further, colors in the faceplates can also be updated without the need to replace the entire sign, which helps keep them up to date with modern trends.

4. Versatile

There are rarely one-size-fits-all sign solutions, but channel letters come close. They can be mounted on almost any building. You can use a backer mounting system to put them on the face of a building, or you can install a raceway so that letters are mounted on top of the building. There are even support systems designed to hang the lights in or over windows.

5. Customizable

Your sign can be made to your specifications, and you aren't limited to just letters. Symbols and even small logo placards can be integrated into the channel letters. Plus you can customize the signs to match the font and colors that you use for your business branding. Although channel letters are designed on a simple premise, they can be made to look as unique as your business. 

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Improving In-Store Advertising

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