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Signs That Are Essential Around A Walking Trail

If your community is getting close to opening a walking trail and you're overseeing the project, signage will be an important task on your list of responsibilities. Give some thought to the types of signs that you'll want around the trail, and then partner with a local custom sign company that can turn your ideas into signs that you can erect in the appropriate locations. Here are some signs that you'll definitely want to produce and have on display around your trail.

Trail Rule Signs

A sign that lists a number of trail rules will be important to display at the entrance to the trail. If your trail network has several entrances, you'll want to order a corresponding number of signs. The design for this sign should be simple — you'll likely want the name of the walking trail at the top, and then a bulleted list of rules immediately below. The rules may include reminders not to litter, information about the trail's hours of operation, and more.

Navigational Signs

Some walking trails consist of multiple individual trails of varying lengths. This design allows people who want short, medium, and long walks to all enter the trail and take a specific route that suits them. You want your users to feel informed as they walk the trail, and this is where navigational signs can come in. Trails that have multiple routes will often color code each route. In this scenario, you'll want multiple signs that show the color of the trail and an arrow to guide users in the right direction. It's also appropriate to have signs that depict maps of the trails, especially where two individual trail sections meet, so that people will always know where they are.

Wildlife Information Signs

In some cases, you may wish to order some custom signage that displays information about the wildlife that is visible from certain areas around the walking trail. For example, if there's a swamp along the trail, a sign that lists animals that may be visible — beavers, squirrels, birds, and more — can be fun for young and old trail users alike to check out. This type of sign could depict a simple image of each creature and a brief description of it. Additionally, you may want signs that point out certain types of vegetation, including plants such as poison ivy that may be present and that trail users should avoid.

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