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Transformer On Your Business Property? Learn How To Increase Safety

Transformer boxes keep your business and the businesses that surround you connected, so it should come as no surprise that these boxes are powerful. For this reason, exercising safety if you have a transformer box on your property is a critical step for your employees and even those individuals that surround you in the community. Discover some steps you can take to help boost transformer safety on your property.


Ensure you know precisely where the transformer is located. If you know that you have a transformer on the property, but you don't know where it is located, you can't even begin to work towards safety. Often time, the transformer is located in a metal box structure that is bolted to the ground, so it should not be too difficult to identify. However, if you cannot find the transformer, don't hesitate to bring in a professional who can review your property map and help you determine where the transformer is located. 


If the transformer is in a common area, you may want to consider placing a secure structure around the box, such as a fence. A fence is helpful because it will prevent people from sitting on the box or messing with it otherwise. When you install the fence, make sure that you leave extra space between the transformer and the fence. If there is not enough space, in the event a utility worker comes to inspect the box, they may not have enough room. 


Invest in labels for your transformer box. In terms of safety, a label helps other people identify the danger. First, look for a label with pictures so that even non-readers can quickly determine the threat. Second, look for high-quality labels that are weatherproof. You don't want to worry about the label fading or falling off due to moisture or another weather element. 


Whenever you notice an issue with the transformer, don't attempt to correct the problem on your own — call a professional. A utility worker can then come out to the property and determine the issue with the box and safely resolve it. Rust, discoloration on the outside of the box or signs that the box has been tampered with are just some of the red flags you should look for. 

Make sure you don't minimize this concern. A mishap with a transformer can lead to serious injury, and in some instances even death. Ensure you do your part to keep everyone safer. Contact a company, like Tech Products Inc,  for more help.

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