Improving In-Store Advertising

Use Corrugated Cardboard And Basic Supplies To Make A Reusable Yard Sale Sign

Make a reusable sign out of corrugated cardboard and basic supplies to advertise an upcoming spring sale to weed out items that are no longer needed in your household by completing the following steps. Once the sale is over, place the sign in storage and use it for any future sales that you are going to be holding.


  • corrugated cardboard
  • ruler
  • utility knife
  • self-adhesive vinyl letters and numbers
  • camera
  • photographs
  • two-sided tape
  • self-adhesive laminating sheets
  • sealable plastic bag
  • file cards
  • marker
  • duct tape
  • wooden or metal pole

Prepare The Cardboard And Add A Description And Pictures

Use a ruler and utility knife to prepare a piece of corrugated cardboard that has straight sides. Purchase self-adhesive vinyl lettering and numbers to describe the type of sale that you are holding and its location. Attach the letters and numbers by pressing them firmly against one side of the cardboard. If you would like the sign to stand out so that attention is drawn to it, select lettering and numbers that glow in the dark or that are a fluorescent color.

Use a camera to take photographs of some of the merchandise that is for sale and attach the pictures to the front of the sign with pieces of two-sided tape. 

Add A Plastic Cover And Attach Phone Numbers

Place the sign between two self-adhesive laminating sheets to protect it from moisture and to help keep the lettering, numbers, and photos in place. After removing the paper backing, press the sheets together to secure them. Write your phone number on several file cards and place them in a plastic bag that seals. Attach the bag to the sign with a couple pieces of two-sided tape. If anyone stops read the sign, they can take one of the cards so that they can give you a call if they have any questions about some of the merchandise.

Display The Sign

Secure the sign to a telephone pole or the side of your home with duct tape. If you do not wish to attach the sign to a permanent structure, secure a wooden or metal pole to the sign with pieces of duct tape and stick the end of the pole firmly into the ground. People passing by will see the sign and may decide to take a closer look at it.

Once the yard sale has ended, use scissors to cut the edges of the laminating sheets before removing them. Place the sign, vinyl lettering, and numbers in a storage container so that they can be used again if you ever hold another sale.

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Improving In-Store Advertising

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