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First Impressions: Why An Electronic Church Sign May Be A Priceless Investment For Your Place Of Worship

When people drive by your church, what do they see? Do they see a place that extends a warm welcome to visitors and an encouraging word for passersby, or do they see just another building?

While electronic church signs from a company like DeMars Signs can be a substantial investment for churches, their value can be priceless. An electronic church sign can make a difference in how others view your church facility. Not only will potential visitors be able to clearly see your service hours, but you can alert passersby to special upcoming events. You can also display scriptures and quotes to encourage those who drive by your church facility. 

Electronic signs draw attention

Love it or hate it, technology is a big part of people's lives. From cell phones to tablets, digital devices attract attention. If you are driving down the road, you're more likely to notice the bright lights of an electronic sign before you notice a traditional sign.

At night or in inclement weather, a church sign can stand out like a beacon of light. It can make your facility memorable. For instance, if someone is contemplating attending church services, they are likely to remember a church that stands out among the others.

Electronic signs minister to the needs of passersby

Not everyone feels comfortable attending church services. Some people may not be able to attend church due to work schedules. Perhaps others have attended church in the past but have fallen away from the faith.

Electronic church signs are wonderful tools for preaching the gospel to those outside the church family. Electronic signs allow you to display verses of scripture that can give someone hope when they are going through a difficult life situation.

The verse of scripture you share may be exactly what someone needs to hear for encouragement that day. You can also display inspirational quotes or humorous slogans. People often remember quotes or humorous slogans and are likely to share them with others. This can be a great outreach tool for your ministry.

You can change the information on the electronic sign frequently. Regular passersby will enjoy looking for the new slogans and verses of scripture you display. People may begin to see your facility as a friendly place and may decide to attend weekly worship services.

Electronic signs are easy to maintain

If you've ever stood outside in inclement weather to change the message on a traditional non-electric church sign, you will appreciate the fact that electronic signs are maintained from inside your facility.

Using a computer keyboard, you can easily customize an electronic sign to share your facilities values of faith. Most companies provide software and technology training and support with the purchase of an electronic sign.

If making a great first impression is important to you and your church, an electronic sign is a great way to welcome visitors and reach out to those passing by. Ministering hope and encouragement to those who need it most will make it an investment that is well worth the cost.

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