Improving In-Store Advertising

Why Physical Signs Are Still Important For The Success Of Your Business

There is much written about the importance of digital advertising for a small business. But if you have brick and mortar shop and work directly with customers, the physical sign is still a critical marketing asset. Here are some of the ways that signs are an effective tool for competing in your marketplace.

1. Your signs attract attention.

Unique and eye-catching signage catches the attention of pedestrians and drivers from blocks away. Work with a sign services company to create colorful signs that include an element of movement to draw all eyes to them. The service can recommend the size and position of the sign to get the most attention. You'll generate curiosity in people who may stop in to see what your business is about just because they spotted your sign on their way to school or work.

2. Get your brand out in front of people.

Successful branding of your company requires getting the logo and any company slogans out in front of people. All of the signs around your building must include your name, logo and any unique sayings associated with your business. People may recall your logo or slogan before they remember the name of your company.

3. Tap into the impulse-buying nature of people.

Use your signs to offer products and service to people who were on the verge of partaking of them anyway. Consider the "sign spinners" used by oil change services, income tax services, and new apartment complexes. If a person has been meaning to get their car in for service or have their taxes prepared, they may pull into your business to see your offer. Someone who is considering moving may stop in at the apartment complex. Your signs remind people of things they had planned to do all along.

4. Your signs give you a chance to boast.

Consider all of the signs you see when driving to work that say "Voted #1" for this or that reason. These attract people's attention as do signs that proclaim "Fastest Service in Town!" or "Offering the Best Customer Service!" When people see these signs, a part of them wants to challenge your claim by buying your product or service. Even a comical boast can be useful for getting people in your door. A sign that reads "We have the meanest baristas in town!" will draw people into your coffee shop to see what it's all about.

5. Show your community support.

Let the community know that you support it with signs that tell them that you sponsor the local Little League or other groups. People still make their choice of engaging with a business based on the level of support it has for the community.

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Improving In-Store Advertising

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